Franklin Auto Repair

Mon - Fri: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

It would be impossible to list all the services we perform, below are some examples:

Inspections - Vehicle safety checks such as routine checks ups, pre trip inspections, and pre-purchase inspections

Maintenance - Routine maintenance such as Alignments, Oil Changes, Brakes, Filter changes, Fluid Changes and Flushes, Tune Ups, Timing Belts, Tires, Tire balancing. etc.

Repair - Diagnostics and repair of vehicle problems including check engine lights, ABS problems, break downs, noises, vibrations, window and door problems, emissions failures, Heating and Air Conditioning problems, etc.

Reprogramming - Many cars dating back to the early 90s have reprogrammable computers and some problems are simply a software problem. Most cars produced today have dozens of these modules communicating together. We are always growing with the industry to be able to handle these issues as well.

Towing - we offer local towing service for our customers

Referral - If our services aren't the right fit for your needs we will help get you going in the right direction by referring other local businesses that may better handle your problem.

Warranty - In addition to the nationwide warranty we provide with most of our repairs, we also work with your aftermarket / extended warranty companies to provide covered repairs after your factory warranty expires. Please contact with any questions.

Information - We gladly share information with our customers; we want you to make an educated decision, not a pressured one. Please explore the rest of our website where you will find more information about the us, information about the various things we do, what’s new, specials, and educational content about your car. You can also provide feedback about your visit, schedule service, and view your service history.

Referral - No one can be everything to everyone, if you have a problem outside our area of expertise then we will work with you to find someone who can take care of you.